Our Story

Invasion Fastpitch was created to provide an opportunity for athletes to develop their passion for competitive softball at a young age.  Growing out of the Audubon softball program (formed in 1967), Invasion Fastpitch allows the youth softball player the ability to form lifelong friendships while playing the sport she loves at the highest level possible.

The Invasion player is part of a sisterhood committed to each other and to the task of playing great softball.  Our mission is to foster an environment for young women to learn self-respect, respect for others, and respect for her beloved game.  

Community is critical to the Invasion experience.  Players may start at a young age, beginning at a recreational level.  Years later that same player may be playing at college showcase events, looking forward to her academic and athletic future.  All the while, she is dedicated to her team and her community.

The Invasion player is determined in all aspects of her life. She is focused on her studies.  But when she plays she is fiercely determined – and she leaves everything on the field.  Sometimes her team will win.  Sometimes her team will lose.  But everyone who watches her play knows they are watching a competitor.  In the final analysis, the Invasion player knows that if she exercises her God-given talent, and employs what she is taught, there will be no regrets.

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